Sui Foundation Holds First Demo Day in Hong Kong

Our first Demo Day lets builders present their apps to a panel of judges and the Builder House audience.

Sui Foundation Holds First Demo Day in Hong Kong

The Sui Foundation will host its first Demo Day on April 16, 2023, the final and third day of the Sui Builder House in Hong Kong. During the event, builders will present their projects and answer questions, competing for cash prizes from a total pool of $50,000 USD.

Sui Demo Day offers an open platform for builders to showcase their projects. It is open to builders of new and existing projects who attend the Sui Builder House in Hong Kong. The Builder House runs from April 14 to 16, 2023.

Projects will be classified into four tracks:

  • DeFi and Payments
  • NFT and Gaming
  • Infrastructure and Dev Tooling
  • DID, Governance, and Social

The projects must be deployed on Sui Devnet or Testnet, or otherwise integrated with the Sui network. Builders will be given a short time to demonstrate their projects before the Builder House audience and a panel of judges, followed by a two minute question period.

Judges will score project demos on a preset rubric based on the delivery of the demo and the evaluation of the project itself, including the project conception, technical implementation, usability, and composability. Audience members will vote for their favorite projects through a ranked preference system by category.

Judges’ and audience choice prizes will be awarded for each of the above four categories. In addition, each category will also award a “Best New Project” prize to new projects created and deployed after March 15th.

Builders must register on the Sui Demo Day GitHub repo by following the registration instructions and submitting their project information through a pull request. They also need to register for the Sui Builder House in Hong Kong.
For more information, see the Sui Demo Day GitHub or join the Sui Demo Day Telegram channel.