Oracle Red Bull Racing Joins the Sui Network

In a multi-year partnership agreement, Oracle Red Bull Racing will leverage the Sui Network to develop new digital fan experiences.

Oracle Red Bull Racing Joins the Sui Network

Red Bull Racing fans will soon get to experience the excitement of their favorite Formula 1 team on the Sui Network. Oracle Red Bull Racing, which dominated F1's recent seasons, signed a multi-year partnership to leverage the Sui Network’s industry leading blockchain technologies, to elevate its connection with fans around the world.

The team plans to develop new digital experiences, making use of Sui's game-changing infrastructure, to delight and excite its fans. Oracle Red Bull Racing, an early adopter of blockchain technology, conducted an extensive market analysis to find a protocol that could match its own winning race engineering. Red Bull’s analysis revealed that Sui’s first-of-its-kind Layer 1 blockchain network fit the bill.

In short, the fastest racing team has chosen to officially build on the fastest blockchain.

Red Bull Racing’s Christian Horner shakes hands with Mysten Labs co-Founder Adeniyi Abiodun at the Monaco Grand Prix.
Red Bull Racing’s Christian Horner connecting with Mysten Labs co-Founder Adeniyi Abiodun at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Our collaboration with Red Bull will extend well beyond the more typical arrangements we have seen between Web3 companies and traditional brands. We look forward to seeing the Sui logo at P1 on F1 tracks around the world, but this partnership promises to deliver much more substance.

The Sui Network’s native integration of digital assets, at the center of our architecture makes possible any variety of scalable applications for fans that simply aren’t workable on other platforms. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll announce a number of specific, innovative Web3 fan experiences in which Red Bull uses the Sui Network’s unique strengths to engage its fan community in entirely new ways.

Stay tuned! We can’t wait to share more of what we’re working on with Red Bull!

Red Bull Racing Car with the Sui logo
Red Bull Racing carries the Sui logo as a sign of its commitment to building new, game-changing digital fan experiences on the network.