SUI Token Community Access Program: FAQ

This FAQ gives essential details on how Sui tokens will become available once Sui Mainnet launches.

SUI Token Community Access Program: FAQ

What is the SUI Token Community Access Program?

The Sui Foundation designed the SUI Token Community Access Program to enable Sui community members to purchase SUI tokens in the early phases of the network's lifespan. As part of the program, SUI tokens will also be available to people who help test Sui applications or promote Sui adoption during various stages on the Sui network prior to Mainnet.

How can I get into the SUI Token Community Access Program?

The SUI Token Community Access Program will let Sui community members obtain SUI directly. The Program will also support community members who have contributed in improving the adoption, stability, security, and reliability of the Sui ecosystem during the Devnet and Testnet phases.

Over the coming months, the Sui Foundation will work on building out a criteria to evaluate and recognize the Sui community members’ contributions. For example:

  • helping node operators and developers debug issues
  • helping to increase the security of the ecosystem by routinely identifying scams and calling them out
  • builders who missed out on a Sui Foundation grant by a small margin
  • volunteers in community or project management, e.g. moderators on the Sui Discord server
  • contributors who have helped improve the quality of Sui documentation, code base, or applications
  • early advocates and users who have been promoting Sui adoption and success, helping  people learn and onboard to Sui

Are there any applications I can test today to get a chance of being eligible?

Yes, the #CapyHolidays Contest is live!! Read the participation rules and go play!
We additionally have upcoming opportunities during Testnet Wave 2.

I have tested various applications during Sui Testnet Wave 1. Am I eligible to be added to the program?

No. Only the applications listed on the SUI Token Community Access Program are eligible. More eligible applications to come, stay tuned. We are however aware of various channels that claim SUI airdrop eligibility for executing certain tasks –this information is false. To reiterate, there are currently NO official plans for SUI airdrops.

Where can I read more about the program?

We are still defining certain elements of the program, including specific eligibility criteria. For now, please read the blog post announcement.