Top 10 Most Popular Sui Articles of 2023

Reviewing the Sui Foundation blog's most read articles in 2023.

Top 10 Most Popular Sui Articles of 2023

Reflecting on a year of significant achievements within the Sui ecosystem, it's time to revisit the most exciting blog articles that captured the community's attention. Popular topics in the top 10 included Sui infrastructure and performance, grants and token distributions, and the network's outlook. Join us as we journey through the most-read articles, beginning with the 10th most viewed piece and on to number one. 

  1. Contribute to Sui through SIPs

Sui Improvement Proposals (SIPs) provide the opportunity for the community to actively shape the development of Sui. Community contributions hold immense value in steering the evolution of the Sui network. Notably, a community-led SIP resulted in the implementation of Sui's native liquid staking. Stay updated and engaged by joining the Sui Developer Forum to follow the latest discussions and developments.

  1. $230K in Developer Grants Awarded to 8 Teams

A whopping $230,000 was distributed among participants in the second cohort of the Sui Foundation Developer Grant program. A robust developer ecosystem thrives on skilled innovators and distinctive technology. These grants serve as catalysts, inspiring developers to craft exceptional products harnessing Sui's unique features and core elements. The Sui Foundation continually encourages all interested developers to apply, as the grant reviews operate on a rolling basis.

  1. How to Get Started with Wallets on Sui

Installing and learning to operate a blockchain wallet is a crucial first step towards interacting with a blockchain. Sui presents diverse wallet options, including standard seed phrase-based wallets. Additionally, users can leverage Sui's functionality to create and oversee a wallet through a Web2 credential such as Google, facilitated by zkLogin.

  1. Sui and the Journey Ahead

Greg Siourounis, Managing Director of the Sui Foundation, shares insights into the company's vision for bolstering a vibrant Web3 ecosystem. In this discussion, the focus lies on the crucial role of innovative technology and the necessity of a robust support system for developers, creators, and everyday users. Siourounis provides a glimpse into the array of programs offered by the Sui Foundation, all aimed at nurturing and empowering the community.

  1. Sui Shares Planned Schedule for Future Token Releases

Presenting a comprehensive token distribution schedule, this roadmap details the allocation of tokens among stakeholders, encompassing team members, advisors, ecosystem development, and other key areas within Sui's long-term vision for a robust and sustainable ecosystem. The release schedule ensures transparency and gradual distribution, aligning with Sui's long-term goals and commitment to fostering a healthy and sustainable ecosystem.

  1. Announcing Sui Academic Research Awards

Introducing the Sui Academic Research Awards, an initiative fostering collaboration with academic institutions worldwide. These awards support blockchain-focused research, offering grants to academics exploring innovative applications and advancements within the field. This initiative underscores Sui's dedication to driving blockchain research and innovation.

  1. 20 Developers Win Sui Builder Hero Award

Sui proudly spotlights the remarkable contributions of builders within its ecosystem, emphasizing their innovative projects and significant impact. Many of these winners have gone on to make waves in the Sui community, even submitting and implementing a SIP.

  1. Sui Delivers Infrastructure-friendly Tokenomics

Delve into Sui's tokenomics strategy, specifically designed to accommodate infrastructure requirements. Explore how the dynamics between consensus, gas, and storage are balanced to support infrastructure needs in a way that provides a sustainable environment for growth and development in Sui.

  1. Sui Performance Update

Assessing Sui's early performance highlights notable advancements in refining user experience, scalability, and operational efficiency. These initial strides demonstrate a proactive approach to platform enhancement, laying a robust groundwork for an optimized and more user-centric experience moving forward.

  1. Announcing Permanent Testnet

The introduction of Sui's Permanent Testnet marked a significant milestone in the history of the platform, representing a pivotal moment offering a consistent development testing ground to initiate and cultivate the development of diverse Sui applications. This article was overwhelmingly the most viewed article of 2023!

An extra present! Discover the two articles from the Sui blog that captivated readers the most, holding their attention for the longest reading time.

Build Beyond: Scaling the Network

In this interview, George Danezis delves into the intricate dynamics and challenges of managing a distributed network at scale. The conversation navigates through various aspects, from the role of cryptography and decentralized systems to the ethical considerations surrounding data collection and surveillance in our interconnected world.

Insecure Code Delays Mass Web3 Adoption

Examining the influence of insecure code on technology adoption reveals the substantial hurdles it poses to progress. Sui and, particularly, Move on Sui facilitate a secure development environment and encourages best practices to propel innovation and foster widespread adoption.

Closing the 2023 chapter

As we conclude our review of the Sui blog's impactful year, it's clear that each article defines a chapter in the story of innovation and advancement. From the exploration of cutting-edge technologies to the insightful discussions on blockchain's future, this year's blog posts have painted a vivid picture of progress around Sui and the broader ecosystem. As we step into the horizon of a new year, the Sui blog remains an important aspect in spreading knowledge around Sui while guiding us toward a future of unique potential. Here's to another year of discovery and growth!